• Upper Body Stretch Session in Minnetonka

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    Upper Body Stretching Sessions

    Welcome to Instant Stretch, your ultimate destination for invigorating upper body stretch sessions. At Instant Stretch, we recognize the significance of flexibility, mobility, and overall well-being, particularly when it comes to the upper body. Our specialized stretching business is committed to delivering tailored and effective stretches that unlock the full potential of your upper body.


    Mike is passionate about helping you achieve optimal upper body function and comfort. Whether you're an athlete seeking to enhance your performance, someone recovering from an upper body injury, or simply looking to relieve the daily stresses and tensions of the upper body, our personalized stretch sessions are designed to cater to your unique needs. By incorporating a variety of proven stretching techniques, including dynamic stretching, myofascial release, and targeted joint mobilization, we address tightness, improve range of motion, and release tension in the shoulders, arms, neck, and back.

    At Instant Stretch, your relaxation and well-being are our top priorities. We want you to be as relaxed as possible, that is why we come to you. We bring a portable massage table to stretch you on. With a sole focus on the upper body, we provide meticulous attention to the specific muscles, joints, and fascial structures in your arms, shoulders, and upper back. Prepare to experience the liberating sensation of increased mobility, improved posture, and a renewed sense of vitality that comes from an expertly crafted upper body stretch session from Mike at Instant Stretch. Your upper body will thank you, and you'll leave feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to conquer any challenge.


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